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How can you help me sell my Salt Lake City house?

We offer many ways to help local Salt Lake City homeowners who need to sell their homes. We can purchase your property directly ourselves, or share it with our wide network of buyers who are ready to close on your house fast. No matter how we determine is the best way to help you sell, you can always count on a fast, fair, and transparent process.

If you have time to wait and are comfortable with not knowing when the sale will occur, a listing can potentially provide you with the asking price you desire. However, if a property needs work or if you need to sell quickly, a direct sale would be the better option. When deciding how to sell, take a look at the costs, the market numbers, and how long the process will take. The longer it takes for a house to close, the more it will end up costing you.

Our offers are based on current market trends along with the condition of the house. We will factor in repair costs as well as what other houses in the neighborhood have sold for recently. Because of our streamlined processes and ability to quickly restore properties, we have a lower overhead, allowing us to pay you more.

We can help with all kinds of difficult situations homeowners find themselves in. We’re able to provide solutions for homeowners in foreclosure, going through a divorce, dealing with repairs, probate homes, tax problems, liens, repairs, bad tenants, and more. No matter how urgently you need to sell, our offers will always be honest and fair.

In most cases, we are able to close in only 7 days. If there are title problems the process can take a little longer, but it is still much faster than the standard listing.

There are never any costs to work with us. We purchase properties directly, eliminating any commissions, agent fees, marketing costs, advertising expenses, and more.

We are not putting your house on the MLS in the hopes of collecting a commission. We are direct buyers, investors, and problem-solvers who know how to get you away from your run-down, unwanted property in the Salt Lake City area.

We are interested in all single-family properties within the Salt Lake City area. The condition of the property is unimportant.